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A Love That Can't Be Named (© DJM)

They say he was an only child
His father's pride and joy
The apple of his mother's eye
That lowly farmer boy.
But he was born in troubled times
When blindness learned to see
Its victims all in black and white
By name or race or creed.

That farmer boy he loved a girl
Her name was sweet Marie
He loved her with a love more real
Than prejudice or fear.
He loved her as the summer sun
Turned all the fields to gold
He loved her pure as winter snow
Softly began to fall.

He loved her till they came one day
And beat him to his knees
And said "that girl's not one of us
Now what is it to be?"
He loved her still as he looked up
On each face filled with rage
And cried "what life would I have left
Without my sweet Marie?"

They say they both were found next day
Out on a frozen field
All wrapped up in each other's arms
Their faces so serene.
The tattered note beside them read:
Farewell to those we've shamed
And if they ask our crime just say -
A love that can't be named.

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