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Tess (No Angel Wings). Sometimes a literary creation can speak to us more forcefully than everyday lived experience. And so it was when I first encountered Thomas Hardy's tragic literary heroine Tess (of the D'Urbervilles). This recent song release is a tribute to the spirit of compassion and human sympathy at the heart of Hardy's novel.

Sweet dawn of innocence your skies have turned to grey
False fate has played the game unfair
The night's deceived you, left you friendless as the moon
Too late the lies are all laid bare
No angel wings to shield you now
All your fickle friends have fled
But Tess you know it's not your fault
It's just...
This world's not for the pure in heart

Many thanks to The Thomas Hardy Society for their kind appreciation of this new Hardy inspired tribute song and their inclusion of its release on the Society's site.

Many thanks to John Underwood (producer) at LOSAL TV for inclusion of the song, See Through Lives, in this US TV channel's programme series highlighting the lives of the homeless in Orange County.

Tears and Ashes song collection - still available via most major online outlets in hard copy CD and quality audio download (listen in to basic MP3 streams on the Music area of this site):

The songs take a social issues focus, touching on issues ranging from grief and loss, Free From The Fire, prejudice and social division, A Love That Can't Be Named, the fragility of childhood innocence, Sleep Well Tonight, isolation / depression, Tears And Ashes and the plight of the homeless, See Through Lives.

Track List:

Free From The Fire
A Love That Can't Be Named
Sleep Well Tonight
Tears And Ashes
See Through Lives

View any other new releases on the music pages and please watch this space over coming weeks and months as new projects come to fruition. So do get in touch if you're interested in any of the compositions and would like further info.


Unless otherwise stated, all of the material being promoted is currently available for negotiation. Rates for special commissions, arrangements/orchestrations for specific projects are also available on request.


"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." (Aldous Huxley)

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." (Plato)

"A good composer is slowly discovered; a bad composer is slowly found out." (Ernest Newman)

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